NorthWest Florida Training Academy
NorthWest Florida Training Academy is committed to providing the best Firearms training available in the
Pensacola area. Our instructors are both C.A.R. Certified Instructors, NRA Certified and  and stay up to date
with the latest training techniques. We teach everything you need to know to apply for your Concealed Carry
Permit, better known as a "CWP" or "CCW", we teach every week, Monday through Saturday.  
All Firearms classes that include classroom and Range time shooting with
live rounds fired, qualify as a
Concealed Carry Class in the State of Florida, but please note that these are NOT  give away Certificates, they
MUST be earned by following all safety rules and being able to shoot and handle a firearm safely and
comfortably.  On completion of our Concealed Carry Classes (CWP) you will be comfortable with your firearm,
and most of all we will be comfortable with recommending to the State that you are ready for a CWP.
Firearms training is a very serious business, and it must be conducted accordingly. At NorthWest Florida
Training Academy, we strive to push everyone to the limits of their abilities, while doing it safely!
At NorthWest Florida Training Academy, not only do we teach basic Pistol & Concealed Carry Courses, but we
also teach Advanced  shooting techniques and scenarios.
The Academy's Senior Instructors have been teaching for over 20 years, and have not only taught in the civilian
environment, but in the Military and Law Enforcement as well. The Academy has two NRA Training Counselors
on staff to provide NRA Certified Instructor training classes, an NRA Law Enforcement Instructor, Florida "K"
licensed Instructor, as well as active duty Law Enforcement officers that are NRA Certified Instructors.
At NorthWest Florida Training Academy we have two locations for firearms training, we conduct Certified
Concealed Weapon Classes in Pensacola, and in Bonifay, Fl. Our Pensacola location has a private range that is
set up to handle private courses, basic through light tactical training, and our Bonifay location is geared for
basic pistol through Advanced tactical training, and at both ranges we have the ability to allow you to shoot
rapid fire, which is not allowed on any of the public and/or membership ranges in the three county area.
Advanced Tactical Training
Florida "G" Class Training
At NorthWest Florida Training Academy, the Sky is the limit..
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Classes are taught
Monday thru Saturday
to schedule a class
call 850-292-9930 or
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